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Apogee Lighting, a Leader in Architectural and Infrastructure Lighting Design and Manufacturing, and MHT Lighting, a pioneer in software development firm in the lighting industry, are experiencing increased demand for their PoE solutions across a variety of challenging applications. The collaboration of both companies can ensure the installation and operation of the lighting network integration into the building management system.

James Hunter, CEO, Apogee Lighting, said: “We are delighted to combine forces with MHT Lighting to help ensure our PoE projects across North America perform at maximum efficiency while delivering on the desired illumination effect. We have completed several PoE backlit ceiling installations in New York City and expect this trend to carry across the continent as the additional benefits of PoE installations are being more fully understood.”

AK Khalis, CTO, MHT Lighting, said: “The challenge of lighting an entire ceiling composed of various size LED lengths driven at different milliamp requirements could not have been more exciting to us. When Apogee connected our nodes and was able to quickly configure the wattage requirements and then use inspeXtor to dim and automate their panels, it was continued validation of the work we put into our platform to make it easy and intuitive.”

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