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Wireless Lighting Control

basicDIM Wireless module integrated directly in the driver

K-Lite’s Smart City

K-Lite announced the introduction of smart city poles (intelligent poles) with its modular solution, to cater to the above needs in the upcoming smart cities.

STMicroelectronics reveals new lighting controller for greater energy savings

The HVLED001B controller simplifies designing LED-lighting modules, maximises energy efficiency at all dimming levels, and ensures smoother brightness control.

Spacio unveils collection from CVL Luminaries

Spacio, a leading luxury boutique store chain for interior and decor accessories in India, unveils one of the most popular collections of CVL Luminaires, lights from the Loire Valley situated in France.

MaxLite launches Indirect Troffer for architectural interior lighting

MaxLite introduces the Indirect Troffer as a highperformance LED recessed luminaire that adds comfortable light and architectural appeal to commercial spaces.

TI unveils new LED drivers to help designers reduce power consumption

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a new family of LED drivers with integrated, independent colour mixing, brightness control and a powersaving mode.

Eureka introduces contemporary interior LED pendant

The “deco-performance” fixture combines high light output with a geometric aesthetic to enhance interior spaces while providing useable light.

Efficient & tough

RLE-G2 modules for reliable industrial and outdoor lighting.

NTL Lemnis launches Pharox Zen Down Lights 6W RGB

Pharox Zen Down Lights RGB 6W comes with an integrated high efficiency driver and diffuser to give a glare free light.

Make your home Diwali ready with opulent chandeliers

Jaquar Chandeliers, a fusion of class and quality, are made with lead-free spectra and strass crystals of highprecision cut, clarity, colour, and shape, from the world’s best crystal manufacturer, Swarovski.

Lighting Science launches Good Day & Night Commercial Recessed Luminaires

The 2x2 and 2x4 troffers deliver biological benefits with high-quality light for peak visual performance, while providing the ability to control and personalise the spectrum of lighting – truly delivering the right light at the right time.

Fulham launches new module that adds Bluetooth to luminaires

The new Bluetooth Bridge can be installed in any electrical box or LED fixture to provide wireless 0-10 dimming control and monitoring.

Orange Plus LED extends its lighting range

Orange Plus expands its LED portfolio with 2x2 LED working lights, which brings efficient and lower power consumption with glare free lighting.

HPL exhibits its innovative lighting solutions at Light India 2018

HPL Electric & Power Ltd displayed its entire lighting range at the Light India 2018 exhibition, covering consumer, lighting electronic drivers, commercial and industrial and outdoor lighting along with the new product innovations.

Vishay Intertechnology launches high power, high current mica grid resistors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new series of high power, high current mica grid resistors in the standard mill bank size.

LED on a roll

The flexible LLE FLEX IP67 EXCITE continuous row from Tridonic offers protections from dust and water and can be installed in moistureprone rooms, like bathrooms, without a second thought.

Brighter, more flexible tower light now available from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation introduces the AllenBradley ControlTower 856T 70 mm Tower Light system.

Skim downlights for track from ERCO

ERCO's new Skim downlight for track that brings together the benefits of spotlights and downlights.

Fulham Expands DC Retrofit Engines Line

Fulham Co., Inc., a supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has released a comprehensive new line of DC Retrofit Engines as part of its new line of Vizion LED DC Retrofit Kits Engines.

Intrinsically Safe True

KUSAM-MECO, the pioneers of Digital Multimeters & Clampmeters in India have introduced for FIRST TIME a new Intrinsically safe True RMS Digital Multimeter with PC Interface Model KM 822sEX.

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