The new roadlegal retrofit H4-LED for the German Market…

ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, has recently extended its Night Breaker line of automotive retrofit LEDs for headlights, introducing a new H4-LED combined low-beam/high-beam lamp, which is approved for road use in Germany. Like the Night Breaker H7 LED lamp, which OSRAM was the first manufacturer to offer in 2020, the new H4-LED lamp brings the benefits of safety, visibility and style to a wide range of makes and models of cars.

Like the H7-LED lamp, the H4-LED is brighter, lasts longer and produces a more attractive light than the halogen lamps fitted to older vehicles when they were manufactured.

Tests conducted under the supervision of TÜV Süd show that the Night Breaker H4-LED produces 230% more light than the minimum required under the ECE R112 standard for halogen headlamps, and with 50% less glare. This means that cars fitted with the Night Breaker can see and be seen better.

In addition, the Night Breaker H4-LED lasts up to five times longer than a standard halogen lamp. This reduces the frequency of visits to the service center for lamp replacement, as well as saving on the cost of replacing failed lamps.

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