GE Current introduced the Arize Factor Multilayer (ML) Series, the latest addition to its lineup of horticulture fixtures for indoor farms and greenhouses. The series includes two versions: the Arize Factor ML900, a 2-bar array designed to provide high light output for indoor cannabis growing; and the Arize Factor ML300, which features 4-, 5- and 6-bar arrays specifically designed for optimized growth of densely packed leafy greens, herbs and microgreens.

Growers will be able to take advantage of several options and additional features with the Factor:

  • A custom light optic provides extra wide, uniform light dispersion over the grow area, resulting in fewer hotspots, more even growth and fewer bars needed to achieve optimum harvests.
  • Installation is easier, growers can choose universal wire hangers to suspend the grow lights from the top of the rack, or a transversal member that easily clips onto the sides of the grow rack and mounts to the bars.
  • There are three broad spectra options to select depending on the crop, along with multiple plug options available for connection flexibility and dimming capabilities.
  • The Factor boasts an L90 rating of 50,000 hours.

Assembled in the USA, the Arize Factor packages improved optics and optimized light spectrums to become an industry-leading, efficient choice for indoor vertical farms.

Mike Doss, VP of Specialty, GE Current, said: “The Arize Factor incorporates 20-plus years of LED fixture design combined with over 65 years of manufacturing excellence and scale in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Whatever crop you are growing, there is a Factor “flavor” that will suit your needs, proudly assembled in the Appalachians.”

Melissa Wesorick, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Current, added: “Our recent investments in the factory and the hiring of more workers demonstrate our commitment to the Hendersonville area. The onshoring of horticultural fixture assembly is part of our long-term strategic vision of creating an American center of excellence in horticulture, in addition to supporting American jobs and reducing lead time for our customers.”

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