Signify, the world leader in lighting implemented a pilot project at the greenhouses of Agrokultura Group, LLC. According to the results from the trial period, the combination of HPS and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting has increased tomato yields by almost 24% during the winter period.

The Agrokultura Group is located in the Moscow region and is one of the largest suppliers of greenhouse vegetables. The company has 80 hectares of greenhouses, all equipped with HPS lighting. Signify has equipped 1 hectare of these greenhouses with a hybrid system based on Philips 1000W HPS lamps and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting. This trial aimed to compare yields using different lighting solutions.

Vladimir Chernyshov, General Director, Agrokultura Group, said: “Agrokultura Group is one of Russia’s largest and most modern industrial greenhouse projects, clustered in one location. To ensure a consistently high level of yield and crop quality, we use advanced technology such as drip irrigation, climate control systems, safe crop protection methods, and so on. We know how important the right light is for the plants. Therefore, when it came to increasing yields, we turned to the world leader in this area. The strategy we chose together with the Signify specialists paid off: this season, we got excellent results.”

Eric Benedetti, Vice President and General Manager, Signify in Russia, said: “2020 has shown us how important self-sufficiency in food supply can be for a country, regardless of the circumstances. Advanced lighting systems can help companies respond to the growing demand for locally grown vegetables by increasing yields and reducing energy consumption costs. The results at Agrokultura once again highlighted our expertise and experience in greenhouse lighting”.

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