Human Centric Innovator (HCL) BIOS Lighting and high-performance LED luminaire manufacturer Axis Lighting have launched the BalancedCare healthcare lighting family of luminaires, featuring optional, integrated BIOS SkyBlue technology. This partnership creates the lighting industry’s most comprehensive ambient healthcare luminaire offering that combines sleek architectural forms, precision optics, simple controls and state-of-the-art SkyBlue Circadian technology.

“BIOS is excited to provide our SkyBlue lighting solution to AXIS Lighting for their BalancedCare healthcare fixtures. By combining BIOS’ biologically driven light engine with AXIS’ BeWell light guide technology, we are able to offer best in class healthcare lighting without compromising visual comfort, functionality or timeless design,” said Sean Tegart, CEO and President of BIOS Lighting.

BIOS, using science originated at NASA, created its SkyBlue technology, which engages with a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye. During the day, SkyBlue strengthens circadian rhythm, increases alertness, improves focus and boosts moods. In the evening, SkyBlue creates a warmer atmosphere that promotes natural melatonin production leading to a better night’s sleep.

“The SkyBlue solution just makes sense in the healthcare environment, especially in patients’ rooms, corridors and nurses’ stations, where you want to promote circadian entrainment for the well-being of both the patient and the shift-working caretakers. It’s also ideal because BIOS will work with any 0-10V dimming interface, so it’s easy to integrate into a healthcare facility’s 24-hour building controls system,” said Colette Fleming, Director of Healthcare, Axis Lighting.

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