Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Luminis, is an established innovator and manufacturer of specification-grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions, recently announced that its Bellevue lighting family has received a 2021 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine.

The PIA recognizes innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures in today’s marketplace. Judging and evaluation of products and systems is completed by a distinguished panel of 18 designers and lighting specialists skilled in product evaluation. Manufacturers receive awards for products with attributes, qualities, functionality and/or performance beyond industry standards.

Bellevue is a versatile family of exterior luminaires with a single, modern rectilinear design. While all Bellevue luminaires offer high optical performance, specifiers can choose between three unique optic types to address targeted lighting needs. The BVS series, for direct illumination, is designed for maximum flexibility and precise directional aiming. The advanced optical system in the BVA series creates a uniformly illuminated surface for powerful area and street lighting. And the glare-free ambient illumination in the BVG series is intended for high traffic areas where visual comfort is required.

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