BAG solutions create a strong basis for reliable lighting electronic products. Could you tell us more about your target market segments?

BAG’s core strength is lighting related electronics. BAG has been in the lighting field for over 100 years and the organisation has a thorough understanding of the needs of the lighting industry. This enables us to make products that are robust in any environment. Our target customers thus, are those who are looking for fit and forget lights, those who cannot afford any breakdown. Our products generally go into office, commercial, industry, retail, hospitality, and high end residential sectors. The cost of failure is high in these sectors, and thus the big players in this area rely on BAG products.

What’s your take on the digitalisation of light? How is the LED market evolving with digitalisation?

Digitalisation of light is basically the integration of lighting devices with communication devices. This is now becoming very popular mainly due to the low power consumption of the LED lighting. BAG is moving ahead in this area and will soon be coming with more and more products. Some of the examples of such products are Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting, integrated sensors, lighting with wireless communication, smart street pole etc. With the development of smart cities, this area is getting a further boost. Human-centric lighting is another product that has evolved due to the advent of LED lighting. This basically addresses the undesirable effects of long exposure to monotonous artificial lighting. This is catching up across the world fast and BAG already has offerings of these products.

How is your business shaping up post acquisition by Osram early this year?

BAG India has not been acquired by Osram, or for that matter anyone else. Osram has acquired BAG Europe and BAG Philippines. BAG India continues to be part of Trilux group of Germany, as it was before. As such there is no change in our business in the Indian subcontinent.However, in order to avoid any confusion, we are adding ‘India’ into our logo.

OEM Systems Group has made a name for itself in the global lighting space. How do you see its brand awareness in Indian subcontinent?

OEM Systems Group brand awareness has improved significantly in the recent years. OEM Systems Group is an umbrella brand over and above some brands including BAG. This enables the companies under this brand to provide one-stop solution to our customers, especially in the current era of multi-technology product offerings. Today the lighting arena has become complex with the addition of communication, and other technologies into its products. As such there are different companies having specific expertise working together to come up with the products needed by the current day environment. In order to simplify the integration of such technologies and also take responsibility for that integration, the concept of OEM Systems evolved; and this is now catching up well with various customers in India.

How is the acceptance for high-end lighting products in Indian lighting market?

Our products generally go into high-end lights that demands high level of performance. In the last few years the demand for high-end lighting products has increased in the Indian market. The high-end products are of two categories – one’s that have high level features like dimming, connectivity etc; and others that need high level of reliability and performance like in commercial, industrial and retail areas where the cost of failure is high. Customers are now looking for both kinds of high-end products now. This is partly due to the general expectation having increased for performance and features, due to growth in living standards, and partly due to the prices of high-end lighting coming down, as a result of LED technology. BAG has products to support both kind of high-end products and they have high acceptability in the market.

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