Lighting Science, a well known company in next-generation LED lighting solutions, has expanded its existing line of successful biological LED technology -to include new form factors for the commercial and contract market and presented it at the LIGHTFAIR 2017. The company’s mission is to bring life-changing products in human health, agriculture, and infrastructure to market. Their extensive technology and intellectual property, including the company’s nearly 400 LED lighting technology patents, has set them apart in the industry. Their proprietary product line includes the spectrum-focused HealthE series, the urban agriculture sensation VividGro, and FreeLED. They are dedicated to providing high-quality service and technological solutions its customers and channel partners have come to expect.

At the LIGHTFAIR 2017, their patented GoodDay technology, which amplifies productivity by mimicking the physiological effects of sunlight, was displayed in multiple new form factors as will the GoodNight technology, which has been scientifically proven to allow higher melatonin release than conventional lighting, and increase restful sleep. Lighting Science, the first pure play LED company in the United States, has long understood the implications this technology can have in an educational, workplace or health care environment, and is currently working across these industries, generating data that they hope will change the lighting industry forever.

Ute Besenecker, Ph.D., Director of HealthETM Lighting and Senior Scientist at Lighting Science, said, “I have been observing a paradigm shift happening in lighting over the past 10 years. Now, after decades of research and development, industry leaders and even the general public recognise that carefully engineered LED lighting technology is the perfect, non- invasive and natural solution for wellness and preventative care. It is an exciting time to work in this field.”

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