Bridgelux, the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative LED solutions, announces the release of Thrive 93, a breakthrough family of LED products with a unique formula capable of high efficiency and natural light-matching spectrum.

Bridgelux Thrive is expanding its range of high-fidelity products to include both Thrive 93 and Thrive 98. Both families create a stable of LED solutions that represent the closest match to natural light across the critical wavelength range (from blue to green) for human health.  Both Thrive products engage a broad-blue chip technology and a special phosphor blend to fill in the common cyan gap that plagues most LED solutions.

Where Thrive 98 uses a longer wavelength red, which helps achieve R9 >90, Thrive 93’s red peak is slightly shorter in the visible spectrum, which produces R9 >50.  This slight modification creates a 12% competitive edge in efficacy over Thrive 98 and competing 90 CRI products. “In Thrive 93, designers can enjoy premium fidelity across the entire spectrum in addition to amazing efficiency all in the same LED package.” says Tim Lester, CEO, Bridgelux.

Bridgelux in preparing Thrive 93 for the lighting design community created an extensive formal survey conducted with some of the top specifiers in Europe and North America.  In over 30 hours of interviews, Thrive was compared to traditional 90 CRI products.  Over 90% of those interviewed preferred Thrive to 90 CRI.  Designers felt that colours rendered under Thrive were more natural.  Surprisingly, designers also felt that Thrive was so successful at colour temperatures that they wouldn’t naturally use (such as 4000K,) that they would consider expanding their palette to include a broader range of CCTs.  Thrive products are being used across multiple platforms which ensures that you can bring sun-like quality of light to both your home and your office.

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