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Signify expands the Philips Hue portfolio with new and updated products broadening the possibilities for customers to create their own unique and personal lighting experience. These new products include new sizes and shapes of the Philips Hue Filament bulbs, an updated Philips Hue Iris table lamp with limited edition colours, the Philips Hue Ensis pendant light in black, the Philips Hue White luster bulb and updated candle bulbs.

The updated Philips Hue Iris puts a new spin on an already iconic design. The popular table lamp now offers richer colours, lower-than-ever dimming, and a significant increase in brightness when using white light, as well as a beautiful fabric-wrapped cord and Bluetooth capabilities. The Iris also has four new limited-edition colours: copper, rosé, silver and gold. With its metallic tones and elegant look, the Philips Hue Iris limited edition is more than just a smart table lamp.

The Philips Hue Filament collection has been expanded with two larger vintage-style bulbs: the Large Globe (White Filament G125) and the Large Edison (White Filament ST72). After last year’s launch of the smart Filament collection, there has been a large demand for additional sizes and shapes. With this Filament range expansion, Signify provides people with more choices when it comes to the connectivity, control, ambience and aesthetics of their vintage-style smart lighting.

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After the success of the Philips Hue Ensis pendant light in white colour, Philips Hue is introducing the Philips Hue White and colour ambience Ensis pendant light in black. The perfect light for your dining table, the Ensis provides both direct and indirect light at the same time. Whether you’re working from home or having a cosy diner, you can create a unique and personal lighting experience with a downlight for functional activities and an additional upper light for creating a colourful ambience.

Tiny enough to fit into your smallest lamps and fixtures, yet bright enough to provide warm white light for your tasks, the Philips Hue White luster E14 bulb brings smart light to any room of your home. This bulb offers dimming capabilities, Bluetooth control in one room or the ability to connect to an existing Hue Bridge-controlled smart lighting setup.

The classic Philips Hue candle bulbs have been updated with Bluetooth capability for the White ambience and White and colour ambience ranges. This functionality makes it easier than ever for users to get started with our Philips Hue range, helping them to enjoy the endless possibilities of smart lighting.