Lutron Electronics, a global leader in intelligent lighting and shade management, offers the C-Flex Lutron ballast retrofit kit. Lutron maintains market leadership with widely available retrofit kits as fluorescent technology fades and LED use grows.

Lutron’s ballast retrofit kits offer a seamless transition from fluorescent to LED, adaptable to budget, scheduling, and regulations. Kits are readily available and typically ship within four weeks.

LEDs’ advantages over fluorescents are driving the market transition: mercury-free, longer lifespan, improved energy and cost efficiency, enhanced performance, flexible control options, and different form factors, including adjustable white lighting.

Recent legislation aims to reduce mercury and toxic chemical use, enhancing lighting energy efficiency. Manufacturers are discontinuing fluorescent lamp and ballast production. Lutron will cease most fluorescent dimming ballast production by the end of 2023, except for EC5 ballasts with connected sensors.

Lutron’s ballast retrofit kits are a cost-effective alternative that take no longer to install than a standard ballast replacement.

Lutron’s ballast retrofit kits enable compatibility and flexibility for contractors and facility managers. They make LED upgrades easier by using pretested components like Lutron drivers and C-Flex LED bulbs. Installation is simple, requiring no costly wiring or ceiling adjustments.

Retrofit kits enable the facilities team to initiate a pilot installation and gradually implement project upgrades, aligning with maintenance schedules and budget constraints. Retaining original ballasts and lamps for attic stock during the transition is advisable.

Brendon Van Campen, Lutron’s Senior Director for Commercial Sales in North America says, “Our retrofit kits make fluorescent-to-LED upgrades fast and easy, eliminating the uncertainty and hassle of choosing compatible lamps and drivers. He adds, “It’s a simple 1:1 replacement from fluorescent lamps and ballasts to LED lamps and drivers. LED upgrades not only eliminate concerns about maintaining your fluorescent lighting they enhance light quality and performance without having to replace existing fixtures.”

Lutron’s C-Flex ballast retrofit kits are available in cases of 12 and 24 kits, with replacements for several lamp types and lengths, including T8, T5, T5HO, vertical and horizontal CFLs, and control options in 1- and 2-light configurations.

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