The famous Belmond Copacabana Palace, located in Rio de Janeiro’s lively Copacabana beach, provides magnificent apartments, a wide pool, and superb dining options.

Over the years, the site has seen extensive enhancements and renovations, including a recent facelift to commemorate its centenary.

The façade was changed by LD Studio, a well-known design and lighting firm managed by architect and professional lighting designer Monica Luz Lobo.

LD Studio required a reliable LED manufacturer to realize their design vision. Monica chose a range of solutions from prominent LED specialist, Tryka.

The façade now features a blend of Tryka architectural lighting methods, including Stripline45, Stripline AG, Aura 5, and Aura 7. Stripline provides high-quality linear choices with an IP66 certified for outdoor use. Aura illuminates architectural aspects well.

Tryka customized glare shields for Stripline and Aura solutions, combining LED drivers and matching the façade’s shape and shade.

Stripline luminaires utilize Tryka’s DMC IC with a remote 24C driver carefully integrated within the glare shield for easy maintenance in large-scale installations.

Tryka’s flexible linear Continuity T was used to improve the design, efficiently accommodating both standard and L-shaped profiles.

All Tryka solutions adhere to RGB+27K specifications, a critical aspect of the project, meeting the need for 2700K white channel alongside RGB.

Due to the project’s tight deadline, rapid collaboration and adaption of traditional techniques were required. Despite this, the restoration renewed the Copacabana Palace Hotel.

Monica Luz Lobo mentioned, “The success of this project, especially given the short deadline, relied on all partners working symbiotically. Tryka was an excellent choice of manufacturer; working alongside us to fulfil everything we needed. We built such an excellent working relationship with their team, it felt as though we had known each other for years.”

The façade lighting enhances the hotel’s architectural beauty, enabling appreciation of its details and unique elements elegantly during nighttime.

A sophisticated control system allows the façade to showcase various colors and themes, with each luminaire individually addressed via DMX and managed through a Pharos LPC2 system via iPad interface.

Customizable colors and patterns align with diverse occasions, from international holidays like Christmas and New Year to national events like Carnival.

Aside from modern lighting, the façade was meticulously restored to its original beauty from a century ago.

The hotel’s transformation aligns with the city’s vitality and appeal.

Monica further stated, “The Copacabana Palace Hotel is undoubtedly glamorous and sophisticated, yet it represents a piece of all of us. It celebrates Rio as a city, the Brazilian way of life, our history, and our future. As a must-see destination for visitors to Rio, we are thrilled to have been part of this beautiful project.”

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