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Lighting Technology

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Indoor Lighting Is Being Fueled by LEDs

Nowadays, almost everybody is talking about implementing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the indoor lighting sector. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has been at the forefront of...

Selux Kju Square illuminates the Goblin Room at the Villa Reitzenstein

The Villa Reitzenstein is to Baden-Württembergers what the White House is to US citizens. Initially, starting in the 1920s, the villa served as the residence for the...

Ambient Lighting: The Need for Modern Lighting System

The rising standard of living and the increasing demand for comfortable lighting worldwide are driving the concept of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting helps in creating engaging environment...

Energy Performance Assessment of Lightning System Like LED Lighting Device

Introduction of energy performance assessment of lightning system:Lighting is provided in industries, commercial buildings, indoor and outdoor for providing comfortable working environment. The primary objective is to...

Reliable Even Under Harsh Conditions

Industrial environments place special requirements on lighting systems. Long operating times and critical atmospheres impose heavy demands on any lighting system, and maintenance is often associated with...

Peeping into SAP’s Unique Chic New ‘Cafe’

The Blue Leaves Design Group, an interior designing (ID) firm won the competition to design SAP’s, the world’s largest business software provider, new cafeteria in Gurgaon. The ID...

How Smart Is Your Lighting Design

Introduction, what is smart?Smart is a widely used term that seems to have different meanings to different people. According to the dictionary the adjective ‘smart’ refers to...

Lighting Science brings to life their HealthE series and expands line of biological lighting

Lighting Science, a well known company in next-generation LED lighting solutions, has expanded its existing line of successful biological LED technology -to include new form factors for...

ERCO Rolls Out New Compar Range Of Recessed Luminaires

ERCO has developed the new Compar range of recessed luminaires with a striking linear design that delivers light distributions previously restricted to round or square ceiling apertures....

Future Photonics

Light to PhotonicsIt was only in the 17th century that Sir Isaac Newton showed that white light is made of different colours of light. At the beginning...

Highlighting The Original Architecture

The St. Jean granary was built in the middle ages in Angers, France. A new lighting concept has been recently installed to display its interior in all its glory...

Short Story Of Safety Norms For LEDs

The risk can be simply checked by a measurement of illuminance with a cheap and easy to use instrument: a lux meter…

On The Road To Consumer Products

At ‘Optatec,’ the International Trade Fair from 7 to 9th June, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, the researchers from Aachen have demonstrated how they are ensuring that the precision glass moulding process for the mass production of infrared optics is industrially viable...

LED Lighting – All Eyes On Flicker

Flicker was a familiar problem with early fluorescent lamps. However, increasingly powerful electronic control gear has largely offset these interferences over time, banishing them from current perception. Since LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) have become established in all areas of lighting, including general lighting, flicker has reemerged. LED Drivers play a key role in producing light that is as flicker-free as possible...

A World Of Lighting Experiences In A Night – Time Cityscape

With the modular LED outdoor lighting system NIGHTSIGHT, Zumtobel offers the opportunity to brighten up outdoor areas and buildings with well thought-out lighting concepts adjusted to suit the needs of people. The comprehensive portfolio allows lighting planners and architects to plan a lighting solution in a universal manner and opens up a whole new realm of creative freedom for them...

Sietze Jongman, Vice President, Product Management and Research & Development

Austria-based Tridonic, which is part of the Zumtobel Group, develops innovative lighting solutions related to LEDs and connected lighting technologies. Sietze Jongman, who is its Vice President for Product Management and Research & Development, explains how the company is positioned to play a decisive role in leveraging lighting as a key enabler and important infrastructure for connected lighting...
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A Little Slice Of Heaven

Barbara Walters described it as “a little slice of heaven.” The National Geographic has declared its namesake lake to be one of the five most beautiful in...

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