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Inspirational Stories Lighting Technology Engineers & Designers, Lighting Products Manufacturers, latest trends, innovations, technological finds Magazine Lighting India | Industrial lamps and décor products, Neon Lamp, LED, Pole, Decorative Luminaire, Chandelier, Spotlight, Ceiling lights, Table lamps, Street light, Hanging lights, Wall lights Design & Indoor Lighting Architecture Resources


Being a project lighting company, we focus on executing mid- to large-scale projects, which entails deep understanding of every detail from design stage right up to installation and site support. Hussain Burhani, Managing Director, Hazel Lighting Systems Pvt Ltd

My heart lies in my work: Lynne Fernandez

Light reveals and enhances – the choreographer’s intent, shapes, movements, stillness, rhythms, silence. Light underpins emotional shifts and highlights dramatic moments.

Give light where it’s desired

It’s the biological, emotional, feel-good aspect of light that interests me and if handled adeptly, how light can drastically alter the way we live and function. - Nivedita Sehrawat, Creative Director, Design Matrix

Lighting is not just a visual aesthetic aid

We like to reveal the making and coming together of our design elements as well as the functioning and working of the design through lighting. - Kayzad Shroff, Founder Partner, SHROFFLEoN

“My inspirations come from nature”

It is important to be innovative and creative and keep abreast of all that’s happening around the globe. – Alex Davis, Founder, Indi Store, New Delhi

Creativity Unlimited

The Black Steel (TBS) – the brainchild of Prateek Singh, a New Delhi based retail and design professional endeavours to become a pioneering catalyst in industrial décor. He aims to change one’s space aesthetics by leveraging the unique charm of industrial lamps and décor products. Prateek Singh, Founder of TBS speaks to Lighting India about his illustrating journey so far.

Winning Over Cancer

Tejas Doshi, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Light & Beyond, is a professional member of IALD. After winning over cancer, has gone to great lengths to become India’s first and only, Asia’s second and World No. 17th certified lighting designer. Today, he has studios in India, Austria, Ukraine & The USA. Having over 15 years of experience in lighting design &. Having executing numerous international projects across UAE and Europe, he aims to take India on the global map. Here, in a conversation with Lighting India, Doshi talks about his inspiring journey so far.

Be Innovative & Dream Big

What led you to lighting?I graduated from NID with a degree in Product Design (Industrial Design) after which, I worked in varied fields like furniture design, exhibition...

First in India

What led you to the Lighting Industry?In the year 1969, I passed my B.E Electrical (Hon.) from V.J.T.I. Mumbai University. I joined Crompton Greaves Ltd. (Crompton) in...

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