Philosophical lighting with a blend of energy-efficiency

Anuj Dhir, Vice President and Business Head, Wipro Lighting speaks to Lighting India content team on his company’s aim of being the market leader in Green Building Solutions.

Please elaborate on your indoor and outdoor LED lighting range in the B2B space.

Wipro is a proud leader of modern workspace lighting that helps create interiors that are sophisticated, stylish and most importantly, productive. Our ‘Right Light Philosophy’ acts as food to create, facilitate the explosion of new ideas.

Cleanroom Lighting: We have more than 20 years of experience, dedicated team of cleanroom lighting specialists, products which conform to international standards, developed using the latest technology adapting to meet the changing needs of the industry. Application areas of our products include major pharmaceutical companies, food and beverages factories, and electronics and semiconductor industries.

Industry Lighting: In the industrial sector our luminaires have been designed for energy efficiency & high performance. We adopt a consultative approach to lighting. Our products find applications in all general types of lighting with a focus on productivity and safety of
the employees.

Outdoor Lighting: We have superior lighting solutions for Smart Cities. Our street lights aim at precision optical design, uniform light distribution, use advance LED technology and are designed to blend with urban architecture. The focus is on enhanced safety on roads along with higher energy savings. Our Floodlights used in Infrastructure projects are functional, reliable, durable and highly energy efficient. Options of wide and narrow beam distribution give a distinctive atmosphere at the same time, help save operating costs.

What’s your approach towards energy-efficiency? Any recent projects or innovations?

Future belongs to energy efficiency, with evolving work culture and increasing energy cost, customers are looking at energy-saving opportunities. Lighting constitutes a significant part of total energy consumption. In homes and offices, approximately 20% – 30% of the total energy consumed is due to lighting.

At Wipro, we promote the development of a sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure which encourages energy conservation and promote optimum use of resources mitigating the negative impact on the environment and people. We have designed and provided lighting solutions and products to over 55% of green buildings within the country.

Our Force Green Initiative comprises of innovation & design, usage of advanced LED technology, experience & expertise and energy optimisation techniques. Our philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle makes us a market leader in Green Building Solutions.

Wipro Lighting is at the forefront in driving the change by offering latest technology lighting solutions using LEDs.

Philosophical Lighting Energy Efficiency

Usage of human-centric lights

Human-centric lighting can be pursued in all walks of life – offices, banks, healthcare segments etc. People nowadays spend most of their day indoors and are hardly exposed to natural light. Human-centric lighting helps mimic the daylight for employees working for longer durations in offices, keep their circadian rhythm in place.

With human-centric lighting in classrooms, students can concentrate better as their circadian rhythm is still in tune with the natural light.

Human-centric lighting solutions have shown tremendous results in healthcare segments. Especially patients have shown positive response and greater speed of recovery in the presence of human-centric lights.

How do you live up to greener comfortable lights?

As the world moves towards becoming greener and cleaner, energy efficiency is a key parameter to measure the performance of energy-consuming devices. This is even more so in Lighting as luminaires consume close to a quarter of all energy consumed in a building.

Reduced costs in terms of energy savings; Comfort in terms of enhanced user experience & uniform lighting; Convenience in terms of plug and play; or easy choice of scene select systems – are what customers look at while deciding a suitable lighting control system for usage.

That’s why Wipro Lighting’s range of eSence sensors and lighting controls are a sensible choice in homes and offices. These are perfect for use in drawing rooms, bedrooms and office spaces such as meeting rooms, executive cabins, receptions and cafeterias.

Key USP’s for Wipro lighting products that you wish to highlight.

Innovation & Design are a way of life at Wipro Lighting. We have been a market leader in lighting for commercial spaces.

We are a top choice in the market when it comes to lighting modern workspaces. We offer state-of-art lighting designs and solutions that blend well with the existing architecture and create an enriching work experience.

Our industrial lighting solutions are best-in-class, energy-efficient with innovative design to ensure longer service life with low running operating costs in industries.

Wipro is committed to the use of the latest technology and the company is focused on providing solutions which are in tune with the latest technology and future trends. The team is always looking out for innovation in products concerning the latest design trends. Our products are designed for high performance with maximum energy efficiency and offer reliable service life, thus imparting value for price to the customer.

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