CP Electronics, the UK‘s leading provider of lighting control solutions, announces that its innovative partnership with a Russian lighting company brought a 50 per cent saving in energy usage to a brand new warehouse in Tyumen, Russia. DEUS LLC and CP Electronics worked with the X5 Retail Group at its 30,000 sq.m. distribution centre, providing a lighting system that was fully compatible with DEUS’ own DALI control system.

Previously, X5 Retail Group was struggling to control lighting at tall heights in its warehouses. The company required detectors that would mount up to 15-metre to work with its current control system. The entire system also needed to operate off-line utilising the presence detectors and to maintain the lighting set point of 250 lux even where the luminaires are located at heights of at least 12-metre. The joint CP-DEUS relationship allowed X5 Retail Group to be fully flexible and adaptable to whatever lighting scenes were required.

CP Electronics has extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions to lighting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Nikita Betyaev, Business Development Director and co-founder of DEUS LLC, explains how the partnership began. She said, “We started working with CP Electronics in 2017 as we were particularly impressed with the standard 5-year warranty of CP’s products. We also found the flexibility of products like DALI Network (DNET1) to be particularly beneficial.”

Nikita adds, “We also won this project against some big-name competitors because our joint CP/DEUS solution showed the greatest efficiency and flexibility during the pilot installation.”

The main lighting of the warehouse comprised 1,500 luminaires equipped with DALI drivers. DEUS LLC utilised its own ME6 DALI control system which included 32 control routers and 156 EBDHS-DNET1 combined lighting and presence detectors, provided by CP Electronics. Moreover, the sensors allowed lighting control scenarios to be programmed in, according to X5 Group’s needs.

To ensure energy consumption is kept to a minimum, the movement sensors ensured separate activation of areas where movement is detected. Furthermore, CP Electronics claims, this gives a longer service life of luminaires and the lighting detectors provided 50 per cent increase in energy efficiency.