Cree, Inc. has revamped its complete line of consumer LED bulbs, including more than 30 products ranging from A-Lamps and candelabras to reflectors and downlights. Developed with consumers preferences in mind, the upgraded line is engineered to work better and last longer, with light that delivers exceptional colour quality. The launch comes in conjunction with The Home Depot’s recently redesigned bulb aisle that aims to help consumers easily navigate, understand and choose LED light bulbs.

“The new line of bulbs delivers the best value for consumers who are looking for long-lasting, true-to-colour LED lighting that will enhance their home,” said Phil Primato, senior marketing manager of Cree. “We have simplified our packaging into an easy-to-understand white box that explains the value of exceptional lighting.”

Cree’s LED bulbs can improve the appearance of home décor, increase comfort and even affect mood. For homeowners looking to modernise their space through a remodel or gain more light in their home, it is as easy as changing the light bulbs. The entire line of these high-quality bulbs includes over 90 colour-rendering index (CRI) light, making the hues in your home appear more vibrant, rich and natural. In addition, the bulbs offer full dimming capabilities and Cree’s ‘10-year, 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee’.

Designed to be in your home for decades, the bulbs exceed the ENERGY STAR minimum lifetime for most products, up to 22 years or 25,000 hours for bulbs and up to 45 years or 50,000 hours for retrofit downlights.