Erco Lighting

ERCO with its Eclipse product range targets applications with the highest standards such as prestigious museums, art galleries and exclusive retail projects. With 28,000 product variants, the new system of spotlights already includes an exceptionally wide range of solutions for individual lighting tasks. But Eclipse also stays flexible in its application thanks to a modular concept with the optics and accessories – a decisive advantage, especially when used extensively in display and exhibition lighting. This gives lighting designers and practitioners the opportunity of modifying properties such as light distribution, light colour and visual comfort to the specific task precisely, simply and at the same time reversibly.

The key to the flexibility of Eclipse is the modular design of the complete system. The optics, in the form of lens units, can be replaced with one hand without tools and exchanged for optics with different characteristics. The secure twist-and-lock interface between the luminaire body and lens unit is continued as an accessory connection at the front of the lens units and accessories. In this way, lens units and up to three accessories can be combined- providing almost unlimited combinations for modifying the light distribution, the spectral composition of the light and for improved visual comfort.

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