GE Current has added a new range of hazardous location lamps to its popular Type B LED HID replacement product portfolio.

The hazardous-rated LED replacements not only offer 2.5 times longer life versus a standard HID lamp, but are also designed, for those rugged environments where most traditional lamps just won’t cut it.

Notably, these new HID replacement lamps were developed using an industry-leading ANSI design and even come with an E39 socket adapter for mogul base installation. This added feature eliminates the need to stock multiple lamp base types and consolidates SKUs.

The new HID replacement lamps were developed to fit into harsh environments such as drilling rigs, petrochemical facilities, and food and beverage facilities, as well as other heavy-industry areas. Current’s focus in designing these lamps was to limit replacements, deliver reliability and fit the existing ANSI profile.

The hazardous lamp portfolio is offered in 21-, 35- and 45-watt configurations and comes in 3000K, 4000K or 5000K colour temperatures. All lamps are offered, in the ED17 ANSI size.

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