Led Tube

GE Current launched the latest addition to its rapidly growing Type B Double-Ended product portfolio, the XL. The XL is Current’s take on premium tubes. It delivers market-leading lumens per watt as well as extended life, rated at 70,000 hours. This new line of LED tubes offers 35% greater energy efficiency and 40% longer life than a standard Type B Double-Ended LED Tube.

Its name even reflects these high standards: Xtra High LPW and Xtra Long Life.

XL T8 Type B Double-Ended LED Tubes are ideal for applications where reduced maintenance is a must. The added life results in fewer replacements over time, which makes these the perfect addition to any retail, manufacturing, warehouse or distribution center where longevity and reliability are at the forefront.

Brian Woodford, Product Marketing Manager, Current said: “We’ve been able to increase life and efficiency without compromising on safety as that is still our top priority when putting products into the market.”

The XL tubes come equipped with additional safety features such as in-line fuse kit, internal safety switch to protect the installer and an internal misapplication circuit that offers protection if the lamp were to be placed in a ballasted fixture to safeguard users at every step of installation and ownership.

The current offering includes 4’ tubes that are available in 9.5-watt, 13-watt and 16-watt configurations. These tubes provide customers with lumens ranging from 1550 to 2550.

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