Product features

  • Dale Suspended is soft round shape luminaire with enhancing visual impression to the surrounding.
  • With its visual and modern appearance makes it ideal for use across various commercial and hospitality spaces.
  • The minimalistic designed luminaire with balanced light provides soothing and comfortable atmosphere.
  • The light as it shine downwards in a very soft and soothing pattern that makes very high and pleasant.
  • high-powered LED grow light designed for indoor grow rooms.
  • Emitting high levels of light, the HiKROP-50 can operate as a stand-alone light fitting or can be connected to other HiKROP-50s to create a larger luminaire.


  • Options are available with wattages 25W, 32W, 40W, 72W, 120W in 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm dia respectively, with best in class Lumen per watt- more light for less cost.
  • CRCA housing body for excellent mechanical stability.
  • Diffuser is made of special diffusion material with high transmission, effective light output without any dark or bright patch.
  • Uniform, high quality light, with good color rendering capabili!es reveals true colour of your surrounding space.
  • Superior lumen and colour maintenance.
  • Rated life of L70 @ >50000 hours ensures uninterrupted long service life.
  • In-built electrical protections like over voltage, short circuit, over load, mis wiring, surge protection of min 2kV internal with electrical class I rating for additional safety precautions.
  • Driver duly wired up to the terminal block.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Easy installation of three point to single point suspension system.
  • Easy height adjustable Universal Suspended system upto 1500 mm.
  • Easy LED driver replacement on top of the fixture.


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