Taking an increasingly influential role in the global market, China’s city lighting sector is witnessing a new wave of innovation. The industry’s ongoing development is leading businesses to reflect on the potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of city lighting. At Shanghai International Lighting Fair 2019 (SILF), not only will businesses showcase their new offerings and technologies, key industry figures, experts, government officials and top business representatives will also congregate at the fairground to share more about products, innovations and upcoming industry trends. By showcasing engineering excellence, design planning, and practical experiences, the fair aims to shine a spotlight on the vitality in China’s lighting sector.

On the development of China’s city lighting scene, Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co Ltd, shared: “In its most simple terms, city lighting technology is employed to illuminating buildings and surfaces. Yet entering the LED era, intelligent lighting control systems and colour variation are revolutionising the way we think about city lighting. In recent years, the sector’s development has concentrated on the incorporation of art and technology, allowing city lighting to be more dynamic and interactive. SILF 2019 is a business platform dedicated to the landscape lighting production chain while firmly supporting the future development of the city lighting industry.”

Mustering top global resources, redefining the future of city lighting

China’s city lighting technology is entering a new phase of innovation. Apart from demonstrating engineering technology, design planning and practical experience, SILF will also host a series of concurrent events inviting experts from different industries to congregate and discuss innovative concepts and perspectives.

Cultural tourism and light performance in cities

In recent years, the popularity of cultural tourism has continued to grow, creating a lucrative market for lighting. SILF will invite industry figures and cultural tourism representatives to discuss:

  • Theme park production chain expansion and business models
  • A new cultural tourism business model combining lighting and music
  • New high-tech products that reinterpret lighting
  • Innovation and atmosphere building in original interactive light installations
  • The elevation of night tourism branding through city light installations

Smart street lamps for smart cities

In the upcoming 5G era, lamp posts will be the carrier of smart city infrastructure. By combining IoT and LED lighting, a major trend in future city lighting is the interconnectivity of individual street lamps. SILF 2019 will lead the lighting industry to discuss the topic of smart lamp posts that incorporate the internet and data collection:

  • What are the practical issues with the large-scale implementation of smart cities?
  • How do smart cities satisfy daily needs?
  • What could a more pragmatic approach to smart cities look like?
  • How does smart lighting empower smart cities?
  • How will 5G licences affect smart city construction?
  • How to prepare for the upcoming 5G era?

Promoting healthy lighting through cross-industry innovations

Recognising the value of human-centric elements in lighting design, close attention has been paid to healthy lighting, respecting both the user and the environment. This year, SILF has invited industry experts to examine how a cross-industry endeavour could benefit the innovation of healthy lighting, covering key topics such as:

  • How does light regulate the body? Methods of analysis and related pioneering technology
  • The composition, brightness and assessment of lighting, with a focus on the influence on metabolism and genetics
  • Research and implementation of key healthy lighting technology and industry standards
  • The organisation and execution of fundamental healthy lighting research and industry development
  • Development and implementation of healthy lighting industry standards

Expressing her anticipation towards the fair, Ms Wong said: “City lighting is essential in supporting the sustainable development of cities and what we construct today will be the bedrock for future generations. As part of the industry I hope that SILF can build a solid foundation for upcoming engineering projects by leading industry trends. The distinct lifestyle and cultural characteristics of each city must be respected and feature in the master development plans.”

Shanghai International Lighting Fair is a part of Messe Frankfurt’s Light + Building Technology fairs headed by the biennial Light + Building event held in Frankfurt, Germany. The next show will take place from 8 ‒ 13 March, 2020.

Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Thailand Lighting Fair, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Russia and Intelligent Building Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi, and the LED Expo Mumbai in India.

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