Deco Lighting introduces DECO PoE (Power over Ethernet) integrated technology, debuting in the Vector interior architectural luminaire. According to the company, DECO PoE, powered by Molex’s NCS Network, will bring a newly-conceptualised system to commercial building spaces that provide easier installation and smarter building monitoring than static LED lighting fixtures.

Intended to simplify the way lighting systems connect to an IP-based infrastructure for smart control, DECO PoE introduces a new paradigm where energy-saving LED luminaires evolve into a service and become an Internet of Things (IoT) building asset that can be controlled synergistically with other building functions. Integrating Deco’s Vector luminaire with next-generation NCS networked lighting controls, transforms the lighting fixture into a beacon for data collection and a center for distributing energy, environmental, and occupancy information. “DECO PoE not only provides unmatched overall system integration capabilities but will also deliver a platform that optimises cost and provides dynamic energy savings with adaptable functionality,” the company claims.

Ben Pouladian, President and Co-Founder at Deco Lighting says, “We believe that the next generation of luminaire selection begins with the CIO or CTO of every organisation because lighting is no longer a binary product that simply produces light; it’s now woven into the fabric of building intelligence.”

Focused on researching and developing synergistic building technologies, Deco has partnered with Molex to introduce convenient and flexible smart building technologies to the market. The Molex NCS PoE Gateway is designed for fast, easy connectivity with its user interface and is compatible with standard CAT 5e or CAT6 Ethernet cables. Its low-voltage connection delivers reliable communication with lights, sensors and other devices. With DECO PoE, only the network connection needs to be made as it delivers both control and power to the luminaire — simplifying the install process. With advanced data communication capabilities, the NCS-Ready Vector luminaire delivers high quality, connected illumination to offices where superior performance, control, and reliability are of high importance.

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