The LED lighting industry is expected to witness a huge leap, not only in the near future, but in the long run as well. The prospect of this business is driven purely by aspirational needs of the mass. While there is a need for smarter and more connected lifestyle, the rising consciousness towards energy-efficiency also paves the way for a great future of LED lighting industry. The evolution in customer preference is the lead towards receiving an impetus for LED lights. LEDs have long been used in the automobile industry and as indicator lamps in many devices, along with exterior lighting, but nevertheless, their presence in the decorative segment is creating a niche.

Novelties in lighting solutions are emerging every day to give wings to our concepts of contemporary decorating needs. This is mostly due to its ease of application, its longevity and its eco-friendliness. New technologies have also helped in this emergence simply because the concept of smart lighting complements modern lifestyle.

The decorative lighting market in India is changing rapidly, moving from using conventional products to LEDs. This transition is driven by a cumulative number of initiatives for energy conservation. Growing cognizance about energyefficient products and further advancements offered by the industry are also in sync with the overall vogue of decorative market trends.

Lighting is a significant component of interior and exterior design. It has the capacity to mould the common perceptions of style, spaciousness, and serenity of a particular place. The right lighting fixtures in a space enhance the desired ambience, utility, and beauty, featuring a design that’s elegant and at the same time splendid without being opulent.

Modern lighting fixtures, along with numerous LED options, can transform the disposition of any space. These lighting fixtures do not have to amalgamate with the background. More than ever before, they serve as fashion pieces. Like a beautiful chandelier or a large pendant lamp can be overwhelming and serve as a focal point to transform any type of space. Chandelier lighting creates a mood or an effect, expressing grace and elegance. Whether traditional or contemporary, these are the perfect ways to accentuate the desired panache in a distinct space. Along with chandeliers, a well-placed pendant light or cluster of pendants can make a strong statement, providing an interesting contrast to any space. Such fixtures are often desired in living rooms, in hallways and in dining areas. In both the cases, the effect will have an unparalleled sumptuousness. A basic room or a hallway can be transformed into a tranquil retreat or a dramatic passageway with a decorative wall sconce or torchiere. Incorporating LED lamps in these would add up to the energy efficiency of these fixtures, along with their decorative aspect.

Similarly, cove lights can be used as a form of indirect lighting, fabricated into ledges, recesses, or valences in a ceiling or high on the walls of any space. It directs light towards the ceiling and adjacent walls to create just the right amount of drama to stand out in an elegant way. This could be used for aesthetic accent specially to highlight decorative ceilings. Though in the beginning, LED strip lights lacked the versatility needed for the distinctive decoration, but they are very much in trend nowadays. Highlighting a shelf or a small wall unit with these lights is a nice way to add depth to the existing décor.

Among other types of efficient lighting, LED tape lights are highly versatile, along with the accent lighting which is very useful in creating a more soothing ambience.

Kitchen, being the most important corner of a house, looks prodigious in LEDs. Using these fitting underneath any wall mounted storage unit can flood the countertops with light. In addition, it will give the kitchen a more sophisticated and metropolitan feel if feature LED lights are installed at ankle height under the floor mounted units. This will let the light spill in the kitchen area, creating an incomparable look. The styles and finishing of these task lightings often complement the most popular faucet styles, making the selection even easier in energy saving cabinet lights.

For a refined crafted look, ambient lighting should be in proportion with task and accent lighting to change an ordinary room space into one of distinction. Colour temperature is one of the many vital things to have an enhanced effect of lighting. It is often observed that a warm white colour light works best for living rooms and bedrooms, and bright white for kitchens and workspaces. Thus, various white light shades of LEDs make the seamless match. Decorating a space with lighting is a task as there are other contributing factors like wall colour. A perfect combination of these factors will complement the overall lighting experience.

Outdoor or exterior lighting is very much effective in an overall decoration process for any space. Modernised exterior lighting is both functional and attractive. These can create a mood or ambience in the yard if placed carefully. It can also draw attention away from the problematic areas of any architectural arrangements, highlighting the special features. Usually LED flood lights or bulkheads are perfect for outdoor decoration like this.

Small lights, accumulated together, concealed in plantings or walkways are very attractive in these types of lightings. They can add a modest accent to the landscape features. LED strips or panel lights are quite a decent option for this. String lights, adjourned between trees or other supports can delineate a space and provide a soft effect. Candles are always a pleasing addition, and LEDpowered candles are the safest and simple ways to line a path. Along with other benefits, LEDs are the best option to use in decorative fixtures as they draw less wattage and because their bulbs last much longer, they do not require frequent replacements.

White lights used to be the best options in the market for outdoor lighting but now colour filters in LEDs offer a palette of colours to compliment plantings and heighten lawn décor. The filters can be used with white lights to bring out extra warmth or to create a cool tone. This landscape lighting incurs dramatic juxtaposition, focussing attention on landscape highlights.

Therefore, LED lighting has opened up immense possibilities in the decorative space not only by catering to all kinds of consumers’ needs but also lowering energy consumption levels. The look of these energy efficient lightings has evolved into decorative fixtures, sconces and outdoor lighting that also reduce operating costs. These enhance the overall lighting experience with the ability to monitor or sense and thus improve the connectivity, coupled with the convenience of longer life and improved aesthetics. Along with control gears or dimmers, LEDs can provide multiple lighting options and varied pulse according to the mood of its consumers. Their sustainability even after bulk usage makes them the finest choice for all kinds of lighting needs.

Different lights have different impact on a space and that is why it very important to choose the perfect light. The vogue of any décor depends on the overall texture of walls, furniture and ambience, accompanied with the correct placement of lights. Combining these aspects with the perfect tone of LEDs unanimously can craft a more poised and sophisticated look for any defined space.

The definition of decorative lighting is forever evolving primarily due to more creative ideas of designers and architects and in-keeping with the demand of the industry. The desire for a more specific and unique appearance among the users is also emboldening new segments of lighting. Here LED, being more flexible than any other lighting choice, can be the all-time key for every need in the decorative market segment.

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