ERCO has been synonymous with the name Parscan for almost 20 years, synonymous with versatile spotlights that emit high quality light from an elegant cylindrical housing. The new generation includes three products, Parscan 48V, Parscan InTrack, and Parscan OnTrack – and in every aspect offers more Parscan than ever before.

Architects and lighting designers use spotlights mounted on tracks to illuminate exhibits in museums and galleries. Such systems are also used in modern boutique offices to set lighting accents, wash walls, and emphasize functional areas in foyers with contrasted brightness. The basic cylindrical construction of spotlights has long been an archetype, which explains their high standards of innovative technology and superior details. With its new generation of Parscan spotlights, ERCO meets this demand in all respects.

Parscan’s simple and elegant design ensures the spotlight’s high recognition factor: for example, the angled bracket that fits flush into the housing when it is vertically aligned downwards. Compared to its predecessors and the mass of generic products offered by competitors, it has a significantly higher quality of light, more flexibility in application, and more digital control. ERCO uses re-engineered, even more precise, and finely structured Spherolit lenses to control the light – in no fewer than 12 practical light distributions that can be interchanged as compact lens units without tools.

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