Fluence has launched the newest addition to its innovative lighting controls portfolio: Wireless Flex Dimming. By leveraging state-of-the-art Bluetooth mesh technology, Wireless Flex Dimming enables Fluence luminaires to dim light levels wirelessly using any industry-standard 0-10V dimmer or environmental controller.

Wireless Flex Dimming offers growers an easy and cost-effective solution to scale operations from a single room to thousands of lights per installation. The new controls enable growers to add fixtures or reconfigure lighting control zones via a mobile app without a costly lift or electrician.

Detailing on the launch, Jordon Musser, Chief Product Officer for Fluence, said, “Large commercial growers leverage sophisticated automation systems to control their environmental parameters —including light intensity and light duration. Wireless Flex Dimming enables facility managers to connect Fluence lighting systems to the grower’s preferred climate management system while reducing installation time and complexity as well as total solution cost. With Wireless Flex Dimming, growers can implement advanced lighting control strategies that maximize plant growth and quality while minimizing operating costs.”

By offering Wireless Flex Dimming to commercial growers, Fluence is further optimizing the retrofitting process from legacy High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) systems to LEDs. A typical HPS system is limited in its dimming capabilities, unlike LED technology. However, when retrofitting HPS with LED, adding dimming cables to the existing structure can be cost prohibitive, leaving many growers with sub-optimized LED installations that cannot be dimmed.

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