The Greenhouse LED Retrofit from Fluence…

Fluence by OSRAM (Fluence) has launched the first of two comprehensive retrofit guides specifically designed to assist cultivators and growers in determining what they need for a complete, seamless retrofitting process. The first guide, Greenhouse LED Retrofit Guide, outlines tips and tricks for greenhouse operators and growers for outlining and optimizing their LED implementation and utilization following a retrofit.

Commenting on the launch, David Cohen, CEO of Fluence, said, “While more greenhouse operators are realizing the undeniable benefits of LEDs, there is more to a retrofit than simply changing some lights and flipping a switch. Our retrofit guides offer operators the resources, data and guidelines they need to ensure their LED implementation meets their exact greenhouse requirements to maximize crop yield without sacrificing plant quality or energy consumption.”

Greenhouse operators can use the guide to further understand the clear benefits of LEDs, including: factors affecting an LED system’s return on investment; how LEDs decrease—and increase—energy consumption for lower costs overall; why LEDs enable increased PPFD throughout the warmer months; and how to take the next steps in the analysis of an LED retrofit.

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