Fulham Co., Inc., a supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has released a comprehensive new line of DC Retrofit Engines as part of its new line of Vizion LED DC Retrofit Kits Engines. Available in rectangular and round form factors, the new Vizion DC Retrofit Engines deliver lower power consumption and higher efficacy.

The new DC Retrofit Engines are offered with 0-10V dimming (100-10 percent) and universal voltage (120-277V) Class 2 output. They are packaged in six configurations, including four 7.8-inch round retrofit kits (9W/1400 lm, 13W/2115 lm, 20W/2820 lm, and 28W/4015 lm output) and two 4×7-inch rectangular units (9W/1400 lm and 20W/2820 lm output). These Vizion DC Retrofit Engines are suitable for retrofitting wall and ceiling mounted luminaires with or without plastic or glass lenses. In fact, they can be used for most lighting installations that call for a dimmable, preassembled driver and module in a compact form factor.

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