Ge Current Daintree Company 24 Volt Tetra Atom
Photo by Michael_Luenen on pixabay

GE Current, a Daintree company, announced the launch of its latest 24-volt Tetra product, the Tetra Atom. One of the smallest LED modules on the market, the Tetra Atom has been designed for use in shallow channel letters measuring as little as 25mm, as well as halo-lit and routed acrylic letters used in smaller format signage.

Small yet mighty, Tetra Atom delivers market-leading light output and efficacy, and features Current’s signature build quality, offering sign-makers confidence that their signs will shine brighter for longer, well beyond the standard 5-year warranty. Each module emits an average of 610 lumen/m at an efficacy of 124 lm/W, creating a bright, crisp light for perfectly uniform illumination, helping signs stand out, without increasing energy bills. Current’s powerful OptiLens X technology also ensures that no light is wasted, directing the output of each LED across a wide and true 165°x140° angle to maximise the visual impact of any design.

Up to 300, Tetra Atom modules can be connected to a single 100W power supply; double the loading of some of the Atom’s closest competitors; dramatically reducing the bill of materials and potential points of failure in the system to minimise implementation, maintenance and disposal costs at end of life. The 24V nature of the modules is also significantly more energy-efficient than 12V systems, reducing the lifetime electricity bill and carbon footprint of any illuminated installation.

David Williamson, Sales GM, Europe at Current commented: “With the launch of the Tetra Atom, we can meet customer demand for new sign formats; signs are shrinking and aesthetic effects like halo illumination are becoming more popular. Our standard LED modules needed to shrink to meet this demand but we would never compromise on the quality or performance that’s synonymous with the Tetra brand. Tetra Atom, like all Current lighting solutions, has been tested almost to destruction, and is IP66 and Wet Rated to provide long-term reliability in any environment.”

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