Image by GE Current

GE Current has signed three new distribution partnership agreements with Agro Top Garden, Helle-Tech Oy and Vitro HTS to make its full Lucalox HPS and Arize LED portfolio available to greenhouse growers across Europe and Asia. The deals will provide growers focusing on horticulture, floriculture and the burgeoning medicinal cannabis market, with easier access to leading lighting technologies, whether they rely on traditional HPS or are looking to transition over to low-energy LEDs to meet net-zero carbon goals.

Malcolm Yare, Business Development Manager for Horticulture, Current, commented: “There are all sorts of variables that combine to create the most productive greenhouse environment, from location and surrounding geography to weather patterns and the type of crop grown. We want to ensure that greenhouse growers have access to the perfect lighting for their unique set-up. By expanding our network of distribution partners, we can ensure that growers receive expert, localised advice and support to ensure that they get the right Current system to maximise their yields and grow their businesses.”

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