HELLA launched a new work lamp, known as RokLUME 280N SMART to increase operator safety, health and productivity in mining, construction work or forestry. The lamp can adjust its light individually to different weather or driving conditions.

Experience proves that visibility in dusty, snowy, foggy conditions can be significantly improved, by using green or amber light. With the RokLUME 280N SMART, operators can change the colour accordingly. Additionally, the intelligent work lamp is equipped with a dimming function to reduce both blinding oneself and other operators. The colour temperature can be continuously adjusted, from warm white to cold white increasing visibility in many different situations.

For easy conversion, the RokLUME 280N SMART has the same dimensions as the standard RokLUME 280N work lamp and also has a 2-pole Deutsch DT plug. The work lamp is available in six different light distribution variants: with Diffuse Flood, Close Range, Long Range, Pencil Beam, Tunnel Flood (perfect for underground mining) or ZEROGLARE illumination. All light distributions are equipped, with SMART functions for individual light adjustment. The work lamp is also equipped, with a lifetime function. With it, the system gives a warning before the headlamp’s service life expires, thus preventing unplanned downtime. It is also integrated, is anti-theft protection and a memory function for saving individual illumination settings.

The control unit (HELLA Gateway), which is included, in the scope of delivery and, is required for communication with the work lamps, uses power line communication (PLC), which means signals to the work lamp can be sent, through the existing wiring harness. This allows manufacturers to offer a lighting upgrade without having to change the vehicle architecture, provide separate wiring harnesses or circuits to control the work lamps.

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