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Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, expands its reach in the Japanese market by partnering with Harahara Inc., a long-term supplier of cultivation solutions.  Harahara Inc. will represent Heliospectra’s LED lighting and light control solutions for controlled environments agriculture and PFALs market.

Harahara Inc., located in Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, provides a wide range of cultivation solutions including LED Lights, nutrients, soil, pots and more for the Japanese market. The company will roll out Heliospectra’s solutions, including the fully controllable ELIXA with the helioCORETM light automation software.

Rentaro Fujiwara, CEO, Harahara Inc., said: “Automatic management systems with smart functions are gaining momentum and value in daily cultivation practices. The ability to create a “virtual cultivation space” where you can freely change the output and spectrum composition from your device, and mimic morning or the late afternoon light, provides growers with endless possibilities and high-quality plants regardless of the season. We’re excited to include Heliospectra’s high-quality products as we expand our automation offers.”

Yasuhiro Suzuki, General Manager, Heliospectra Japan, said: “The high standards of innovation and quality set by Japanese producers and PFALs are a perfect match for Heliospectra’s light automation portfolio. Since ELIXIA is now fully PSE certified, together with Harahara Inc., we look forward to offering our solutions and plant science experience to the Japanese growers.”

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