The Mohammed VI Bridge, that honours the King of Morocco, illuminates the desert outside the country’s capital city.


The recently finished bridge, which is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Africa, has been spectacularly illuminated using dynamic LED lighting by Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT).

The newly inaugurated road bridge is an engineering marvel. It is 950 metres long and 6 lanes wide and supported by two 200 meter-tall towers at with 160 cables.


The iconic new landmark, which connects the capital Rabat to the city of Salé, is a symbol of Morocco’s modernisation. The Mohammed VI Bridge’s unique architectural design is complemented by Philips Color Kinetics technology that provides architectural lighting effects and gives the flexibility to change up to 16 million colours.

The dynamic Philips LED lighting system illuminates the cables and pillars that run high above the bridge and can create spectacular light shows. The LED lighting system is anticipated to be up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional lighting systems.

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