How a small innovation can bring in a big change that Bridgelux has proved. Generally, if the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) goes up then efficacy comes down. But higher the CRI closer is the spectrum to natural daylight. Bridgelux has recently released F90 Series LED products that use Potassium Fluorosilicate (PFS) phosphor technology licensed from Current Lighting Solutions, LLC, for use in commercial lighting applications. By replacing broadband red nitride phosphor with narrowband red PFS phosphor, the F90 LED products have achieve today’s CRI80 LED efficacy with a CRI of 90. It is a very nice innovation that the company has achieved through licensing technology.

Because of Bridgelux’s recently developed partnership with Leedarson, now the benefits of this innovation will reach the end-users through linear lamps, downlights, spotlights, high-bay and other products.

Thus, I feel in today’s world, selected partnership not only benefits all progressive companies, but also it enriches the consumers or end-users. Especially, when it comes to the case of technology-based products like ‘Lights’, delivering the best product to the consumers becomes easier, faster and cost-effective. Every company has its own area of core-competence and further development of a technology becomes easier for it, if that falls within the scope of its own R&D ventures.

Thus, I hope, in the coming days the Lighting Industry will find more and more such innovations and partnerships, which will lead the industry to design, develop and offer much more technologically advanced products. It will not only enhance the profit of the producer company but also raise the standard of living of the society in general.

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