Intelligent synergy of automation and lighting: German manufacturer ESYLUX now in Indian market

The focus in the automation sector is on presence and motion detectors.

“We improve the quality of life and energy efficiency at every workplace,” says Hendrik Nedeljkovic, Managing Director of ESYLUX Asia. ESYLUX is a German company with its own research, development and production near Hamburg. The focus is on intelligent automation and lighting solutions for offices, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, the pros of which will also benefit the Indian market in the future.

The focus in the automation sector is on presence and motion detectors. “They control the lighting and other systems such as ventilation as required,” explains Nedeljkovic. This reduces energy consumption and at the same time makes optimum use of the high life expectancy of LED luminaires. Since the end-user does not need to worry about anything, he also benefits from a high level of automation comfort. The spectrum ranges from conventional 230 V switch operation via 1-10 V to solutions for DALI-2 and KNX for integration into building management systems – for example from leading manufacturers such as Beckhoff or Siemens.

Lighting systems with integrated sensor technology
The second business area of ESYLUX is lighting using energy-efficient LED technology. Lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control ELC are a prime example of an intelligent synergy of automation and lighting: They can be installed on a plug-and-play basis and produce Human Centric Lighting for greater vitality, wellbeing and health of end users at the workplace. Energy-efficient control is provided by SymbiLogic technology for energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting– in combination with ESYLUX sensor technology.

To promote the use of automation and lighting solutions in Indian buildings, the German company has entered into a partnership with iTvis Innovation from Mumbai. Nedeljkovic believes that this is exactly the right time. He said: “Innovative technologies are adapted very quickly in India. In addition, both industry and the government are supporting green buildings, sustainability and energy  efficiency.”

Lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control ELC can be installed via plug and-play and produce energy-efficient human-centric lighting.

The local partner is to manage the operational business such as customer service and daily sales support nationwide. Meanwhile, ESYLUX is committed to market and business development: through meetings and discussions with investors, planners and integrators, regular technical seminars and participation in the annual LED Expo in New Delhi.

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