KWith CITiLIGHT, India’s leading smart-lighting solution provider, Kerlink has developed large smart-lighting projects in India and internationally. CITiLIGHT’s LoRaWAN® smart-lighting projects are powered by Kerlink’s WirnetTM iStations, a long-range and low-power gateway, which offers advanced features for network configuration and remote monitoring. The gateways are designed specifically to meet the standards of municipalities and other users seeking the efficiency benefits of the IoT through customized, reliable networks that can connect a large number of devices and manage millions of bidirectional messages per day. These gateways have been installed in more than 100 smart-lighting systems across India.

CitiLIGHT estimates streetlights consume as much as 40 percent of the power used by municipal infrastructure, and implementing smart systems can deliver a return on investment (ROI) within three years, as well as improving citizen safety by reducing the number of accidents.

The installed base of smart street lighting is growing at a CAGR of 24.8 percent globally, according to industry reports.  The number of smart streetlights operating in 2020 is expected to grow to 48.8 million by 2025. CITiLIGHT, which has automated a million-plus streetlights in India, expects to play a key role in this growth worldwide.

“Kerlink and CITiLIGHT plan to grow in India and internationally by designing and deploying smart street lighting projects in Europe and the U.S., where we can expect much higher adoption rates for these technologically advanced smart-lighting solutions,” said Girish Dadheech, vice president of Kerlink India.

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