At the Capitole Theatre in Ghent, Belgium, Robe T1 Profile LED luminaires have been installed on the front lighting bridge for key lighting and specials, replacing previous tungsten fixtures. The T1 Profile investment is part of an effort to update the remaining elements of the house lighting system to LED, making it better, more contemporary, and more sustainable.

Rui Pinto, the venue’s technical manager who takes a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to technical production, oversaw the purchase of the T1 Profile.

After consulting with Bart Weyts, a rental specialist with the venue’s regular technical partner, Rui assessed the various options available for front / key lighting replacement, contacted a number of manufacturers, and evaluated his options.

The T1 Profile popped up repeatedly. His research into the fixtures led him to like what he heard, and he saw them in action on site at a demo set up by Controllux, the Benelux distributor.

He then placed the order. “Colour mixing was the first of many features that impressed me,” Rui expressed his characteristic enthusiasm. “The colour of the lamp itself is perfect for front lighting.”

He is delighted with the T1 Profiles which are now used for 95% of the shows happening at the Capitole. It is also “great” for producing a range of effects and is ideal when the auditorium is being used for parties and other events. The T1 Profiles were recently used to create light pathways and backgrounds for Bose.

With T1’s purchase, the venue completed its conversion to LED stage lighting, saving even more on running costs and maintenance for the self-funded endeavor that must be commercially viable.

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