Do you think the LED manufacturing is slowly gathering pace in India? Can you share your views about it?

Yes, I do agree. LED manufacturing is becoming very popular because of its’ simple assembly process. Since the price of LED lighting products are going down and customers are considering doing everything under one roof i.e. design to final product to have better control of quality and profit margins.

Can you tell us about your Indian customers?

We have 60% customers who are doing LED lighting manufacturing and half of them have complete setup design to final assembly. Some of them are original equipment manufacturers and some of them are manufacturing under their own brand. Since the production volumes are increasing, most of them are considering to expand their production volumes. Most of our customers are very successful because they bought our machines, which is not only for LED light assembly but also can manufacture any other electronics SMT board. This gives them comfort feeling and better ROI.

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How is the response for your new product, AOI RV-2-3D in Indian as well as International markets?

JUKI 3D AOI machine was launched in Apex Show 2017 in USA. The response is very good because of its features of UV coating inspection and easy to fine tune the programs and parameters as per the customer’s requirements. We have already sold and installed few machines.

According to you, how important it is to understand the production procedure of LED lights to find out the type of manufacturing equipment that would be required?

It is very important to understand the production procedure in any kind of electronics manufacturing. We offer cost effective solution to our customers so that they can run the machines effectively to get better ROI.

Can you tell us about the SMT market in India for LED products?

LED products are going to grow not only in India but in the world because of its advantage in terms of cost, efficiency, ease of manufacturability, longer life etc.

Before buying any SMT manufacturing equipment, what must a buyer consider?

Buyer must consider the products design, their volume, supplier’s installation base, local service & spares support, capability of the service team, machines performance and flexibility to produce other products in addition to LED PCBA’s.