LEDVANCE TruSys products offer professional lightings solutions with trunking systems consisting of two series: TruSys and TruSys Performance. While the TruSys models are suitable for shops and stores, the TruSYS Performance offers luminaires for warehouses, industrial applications and factories. The luminaires are available with different light colours, lumen values and beam angles. The TruSys products are easy to install with their simple electrical and mechanical click system and internal luminaire holders, preventing the luminaires from falling while being mounted.

Ledvance Lighting

Store Lighting

Specifically aimed at store lighting applications, the TruSys series offers various beam angles as well as up to 7,200 lumens for the ideal illumination of merchandise in shops. With their attractive SCALE design and anodized aluminium housing, they are suitable for a wide multitude of store designs. The TruSys products are available in three different light colours: 3,000, 4,000 and 6,500 K. Shops will benefit from illumination with the wide beam angle of 105° or the double asymmetric beam angle of 2x 35° while the asymmetric angle helps accentuate walls or a particular direction. The TruSys trunking system is available as a standard ON/OFF version or as DALI compatible. 

Industrial Application

With their practical, simple and functional design in a white housing and with light values of 5,600, 8,000 or 11,200 lumens to allow use in application areas of varying height, the TruSys Performance luminaires are ideal for warehouses, factories and industrial applications. To provide the best and most flexible illumination, they offer five beam angles ranging from very wide (VW / 120°) and wide (W / 90°) to narrow (N / 60°), very narrow (VN / 30°) and double symmetric (DS / 2x 30°) respectively. They are installed swiftly with a tool-free click system and, available with a colour temperature of 4,000 K. The TruSys Performance series includes the models TruSys Performance ON/OFF, TruSys Performance DALI and TruSys Performance Emergency.

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