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Masked Singer a TV singing competition with celebrities concealed in fantastic elaborate costumes and full-face masks, whilst performing cover versions. Presented by Niels Destadsbader and recorded at NEP Studio in Londerzeel.

Lighting for the show, broadcast on VTM designed by Michiel Milbou and includes nearly 200 Robe moving lights, a skilful combination of 58 x Tetra2 and 56 x CycFX 8 moving LED Bars and 36 x LEDBeam 150s. The 400 or so lights in total involved – including video and light-panels.

The stage design involved two giant masks as entrances on left and right for singers to enter / exit. The masks had neutral white surface so they could be fashioned and transformed by mapped video projections, with a moving LED screen in between them and two more moving video screens outside of each mask. In front of these is a black gloss stage with the front-facing sections clad in LED, and downstage of that, two 90-degree orientated planes of video floor making up a front runway section.

Masked Singer


For vertical lighting look to define the set and, stage Michiel specified the usage of Tetra2s and the CycFX 8s. The Tetra2s were rigged upstage vertically orientated to produce lines and slices of light that could scan and sweep around. While the CycFX8s were used to outline the stage and the edges of the catwalk. The two linear light sources complemented one another perfectly.

The scenic masks entrances were mapped and part of the overall visual treatment. Michiel said: “The process was something far more sophisticated than just lighting a singer on stage as the costume disguise was all part of the intrigue and that gave the ‘character building’ process a third dimension which had to reflect with lighting and video.” 

A front row of seats immediately on the other side of the catwalk around the stage allocated for guests, were cleverly lit with LEDBeam 150s some on the floor and some in the roof giving the impression of more people being present! Two grandMA consoles networked was used for running the lighting and the playback video, operated by Cédric Eestermans (lighting) and Niels Huybrechts (video).

Photo Credit: Frank Lambrechts

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