On September 1st, 2017, SPC Group, Korea’s largest food company opened ‘Baskin Robbins Brown’ in Seoul Korea. ‘Brown’ is a premium rendition of the Baskin Robbins franchise, offering a variety of food and beverages. Most notable is their specialty ice-cream that comes in one hundred flavours.

  In order to instil the sense of premium into their new brand launch, SPC Group paid attention to every detail, specifically in lighting. OLEDs were perfect in obtaining their two objectives: to create unique aesthetics while minimising the light’s effects on their food products.

  Let’s find out where LG OLED light panels are installed in the store and how they provide benefits to staffs and customers.

Where in the store?

  SPC Group selected LG OLED light panels in the size of 300x300mm, and installed a combination of both flexible and rigid type panels into the centre of the ceiling, creating a visual focal point for the store. At the same time, the OLED light itself provides a very natural illumination. This helps reduce the optical fatigue of the staff and helps them stay alert. From the perspective of the customers, they are able to see the detailed colours and texture of the hundred different ice-cream flavours

Why LG OLED light?

  One of the most outstanding characteristics of LG OLED light panels is that it is a ‘low heat’ lighting technology. This feature makes LG OLED light panels a perfect match in an ice-cream store. Especially in the Baskin Robbins Brown store, even though the ice-cream is arranged directly under the LG OLED light panels, it does not receive any negative effects from the light.

  Moreover, flexible LG OLED light panels, installed at the each end of the ceiling lights, enhance the atmosphere of the premium store with a unique and attractive design. Customers can relax and spend their time with comfort and joy.

  These special characteristics of LG OLED light panels provide massive benefits to both store and customers. If you have a chance to visit Korea, try to visit the Baskin Robbins Brown store and enjoy LG OLED light and some delicious desserts.

  Also, LG OLED light is always looking forward to expanding projects around the world. Therefore, an opportunity to work with LG OLED light is always open. Do not hesitate to ask questions for projects or collaboration. 

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