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Lighting management at ease

More than simply turning the lights on and off, 75F’s advanced system considers factors about a building before determining the ideal time to adjust the lighting.

The 75F Advanced Lighting solution includes a complete system to add multi-zone control for lighting in fixtures and signage to any facility. Selected lighting zones (circuits) can be scheduled for ON/OFF control using 75F Facilisight, their suite of web and mobile apps. Managing lighting is easier for facility managers with the 75F Lighting Control Module (LCM).

Key Benefits

  • Combine & save: Merge lighting and HVAC control into a single software platform. 75F Facilisight becomes the source for all energy information on the building(s).
  • Energy savings: Just like 75F’s HVAC solutions, Advanced Lighting saves energy and leaves one the time and money to better grow the business.
  • Easy installation: With the capability to run up to 18 different circuits through a single LCM, 75F’s solution makes managing your lighting simple and scalable.

Weather and geography

75F examines the orientation and geographical placement of a building. Then they combine that with the local weather forecasts and sunrise/sunset times to keep real-time scheduling and ensure that the system only runs when it needs to.

Never left in the dark

Each node in 75F’s system is smart enough to operate independently. Should you ever lose total connectivity, their system reverts to standalone operation.

Remote management & control

Increased efficiency with the ability to manage the entire lighting system with 75F Facilisight, their suite of web and mobile apps. Not only can one make scheduling changes remotely, they can manage the scheduling of hundreds of buildings with a single click.


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