Lighting Reality has unveiled new software that provides unparalleled optimised product selection capability to specifiers of small, simple projects. LR Selector is a tool that helps electrical contractors find the products they need from within a manufacturer’s own product portfolio, quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

LR Selector is a white-labelled application that can be plugged into manufacturer websites to match their brand and style, enabling contractors to input their project specifications, which will then generate a detailed list of required products to compare and consider for the scheme.

With 23 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Lighting Reality has been the trusted partner to thousands of clients, providing intelligent, reliable software solutions that have helped to revolutionise the industry.

The launch of LR Selector is the firm’s latest move in creating intelligent intuitive software that will support OEMs and create faster, more reliable interfaces with contractor customers.

The product is a departure from more traditional manufacturer search tools, which tend to allow contractors to compare their needs against individual products rather than a selection of products. LR Selector allows for the contractor’s needs to dictate the products and fittings required – optimising each element for maximum impact. The application also allows for a detailed product comparison, providing the ultimate knowledge bank for customers to choose the very best option for lighting schemes. The application is also smart phone enabled.

Richard Hall from Lighting Reality, said: “We know that we have created a true force to be reckoned with here – giving manufacturers the competitive advantage that comes with offering their customers a (quick, easy, intuitive) seamless and comprehensive tool that allows them to dictate exactly what they need for their schemes. – What’s more, the seamlessness of the process will help to build brand loyalty as contractors experience the very best service from manufacturers.

“The app is easy to plug into existing websites, alleviating the need for expensive web development time. The whole process is so simple, user-friendly and adds real value to customers who would traditionally need to spend valuable time researching and calculating individual scheme elements before placing their orders with OEMs.”

The ready-made front end allows customers to access Lighting Reality’s patented algorithm and software, with all calculations completed via the company’s cloud-based programme.

Lighting Reality also offers a bespoke software service that enables manufacturers to tailor the functionality to their own specific needs.


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