Wheel stud of a high intensity LED projector and stereo camera design…

LMI Technologies (LMI) has officially launched the Gocator 3520 smart 3D snapshot sensor. The latest addition to this company’s series of 5-megapixel 3D snapshot sensors, the Gocator 3520 introduces an expanded field of view with the same high XY resolutions, short exposure times, and fast data acquisition rates required to achieve metrology-grade inline quality inspection.

The 3520 continues to grow the types of applications customers can solve with LMI’s stereo 3D snapshot sensor technology, including robot-driven quality control and inspection of parts and assemblies with start stop/go motion in inline production systems.

The Gocator 3520 sensor is ideal for customers who need to perform: Scanning and
inspection of machined parts such as automotive powertrain (engine and transmission), body-in-white, wheels (lug nut location); Robot-mounted inspection applications that require stitching of multiple scans to generate complete 360º models of parts.

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