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Contributing to the quality of life for thousands of people is more than a commodity. It’s quite a task to be in charge of providing a safe environment people feel comfortable in. As it has a huge impact on life quality, details matter to you. Like the influence of harsh outdoor conditions on the performance of small parts or the lifetime of consumables.

So, when it comes to outdoor lighting choose LED components from a partner with decades of experience and the power to help you accomplish your project. OSRAM’s broad portfolio of LEDs for high quality and performance solutions to specifically cost effective products offers a spectrum of infinite possibilities. From functional to decorative lighting, from tunnels to parking garages, from street lights to architectural lighting, our LEDs are outstanding in terms of durability and long life.

With our popular DURIS®, SOLERIQ®, OSCONIQ® or OSLON® family you are always on the safe side. They come in high quality packages with integrated silicon lenses for constant performance even in difficult ambient conditions. They are protected against water, corrosion and dirt and their high quality will last a lifetime. Designed for professional outdoor lighting they are an ideal match for all high-quality applications, just like your work for the greater good. All because of our decades of lighting experience. We are here to help you make life safer.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors comes with decades of experience in a broad variety of LED application sectors as well as through its compliance with the highest quality standards. It is uniquely positioned to cover the whole range of LED technology needed in all Outdoor lighting sectors. You have the idea, we have the solution. Ask us at or email us at

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