Norka Led Luminaires

With the new BREMERHAVEN LED HT and VHT, NORKA is introducing extremely heat-resistant, robust, IFS-compliant LED luminaires that are suitable for many applications where high temperatures occur – even in combination with dust and water. Typical areas of application include extractor hoods in commercial kitchens, where high ambient temperatures, vapours and grease encounter high hygiene requirements, including metal operations.

The weather-proof luminaire housing of the new BREMERHAVEN LED, for example, is made of thermosetting polymer, whilst the protection tube is made of fracture-proof polycarbonate. The thermal separation of the lamp chamber from the driver chamber is just as much a standard feature as the short sealing system made of age-resistant, form-retaining silicone/synthetic rubber. With protection ratings up to IP 68, the BREMERHAVEN LED is dust-resistant and waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors under the specified protection ratings.

In the heat-resistant HT (High Temperature) version, the BREMERHAVEN LED operates in an ambient temperature range from -25 °C to +60 °C – and the VHT (Very High Temperature) version is even more heat-resistant: Here, the luminaire can be used in areas up to +90 °C using an external driver. Together with the high-quality materials and careful workmanship, effective thermal management guarantees the long service life that characterises all NORKA products. The BREMERHAVEN VHT is available in lengths m1200 with a system power of 26 W and m1500 with a system power of 31 W and a colour temperature of 4,000 K. The HT comes in lengths m1200 with a system power of 30 W and m1500 with a system power of 37 W, also with a 4,000 K colour temperature. The luminous fluxes vary only slightly: Whilst the HT version generates 3,800 lm or 4,750 lm, BREMERHAVEN LED VHT achieves 3,640 lm or 4,550 lm.

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