Philips Ultinon Essential Gen2’s Homologation…

Since July 2020, Korean drivers have been able to upgrade their headlights from halogen to LED following approval of the second-generation Philips Ultinon Essential. Developed by Lumileds, the bulb brings superior LED brightness with a stylish white light.

Philips Ultinon Essential gen2’s homologation in July (H7 bulb size) broke new ground for the use of LED headlamps on public roads in Korea. For the first time anywhere, motorists can legally fit an H7-compatible LED bulb to any existing car model – and drive on the national road network. And Korean motorists’ upgrade options expanded further in October with certification of the second-generation Philips X-treme Ultinon LED, delivering even more brightness and driving enjoyment. No other bulb-maker today can offer so much choice in road-legal retrofit LED lighting.

With a strong track record of performance upgrades for halogen headlights, Philips automotive lighting solutions lead the way for innovation and added value. The approval of Philips Ultinon Essential gen2 in Korea builds on this, harnessing Lumileds LED expertise to make upgrading from halogen to LED legal on public roads in a new world-first.

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