SunLike natural spectrums for Morning – Noon – Evening Colours…

A European manufacturer of LED luminaires has adopted Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs for private kindergarten facilities’ lighting in Slovenia to support children’s learning and eye health.

In cooperation with LED Luks, Seoul Semiconductor has developed the optimal SunLike Series LED designs based on the natural spectrum light source for the lighting. With SunLike Series natural spectrum LED technology, LED Luks has used lighting brand “ARUN” to support children’s concentration and relaxation with an optimal smart solution for remotely and automatically adjusting the colour temperature and dimming representing the light from noon to evening.

The light in noon colour mode helps children’s brains more alert and also improve academic performance. The light in the evening colour mode makes them more creative and feel relaxed. It also provides high sleep quality by promoting melatonin, thus encouraging the production of growth hormone and boosting memory and immunity

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