From incandescent light bulbs in 1854 – to CFL in 1980s – to LED lighting in 1990s – the lighting industry has witnessed remarkable transformation during the past one and a half centuries. Further, LEDs have transformed lighting from analog to digital, enabling users to remotely control and monitor them. The digital capability of LEDs brings LED lighting and information technology together to take light beyond illumination.

Over the last few years, the LED lighting industry in India has come of age owing to focus on energy efficiency. This time, we throw light on the opportunities for India LED business beyond 2020.

The facade of a building is an important aspect from the design standpoint as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. Facade creates an exciting look and feel for a building, with attractive architectural LED lighting. Ashish Batra explores the techniques and benefits behind efficient and effective facade lighting.

Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s performance in terms of providing the required level of care. The right light at the right time in the right place is considered as the most critical element in healthcare facilities. Here, Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar explains the lighting designing components of India’s first USGBC LEED Platinum-certified hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – MGM Healthcare.

Lighting is not just lighting anymore. Today, apart from illuminating a space, lighting has become more energy efficient and intelligent, opening up a whole new range of applications such as Li-Fi (light fidelity).

However, with LEDs not being standalone light source, call for knowledge or with skill sets in thermal, optical and mechanical design, and electronics or electrical engineering, software etc, observes Lighting Designer, Educator and Consultant Anil Valia. He believes, even in sales or marketing of LED luminaires, sales people with no additional skills as needed today seem to be non-performing assets. He suggests, enough emphasis should be given on skill development that can improve the ecosystem.

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